Hello to all, I am Mr Davies but you can call me Alex. This is my little area on the interweb where I intend to show you all, the wonderful people of the world, my work exploring animation, film, illustration and narrative. Unfortunately there are no cats and this isn’t one of those sites but if that is what you where looking for I will put a link in the bottom to keep you amused. My films and work explore a relationship between technique and narrative, trying to find the gaps within texts that allow exploration of visual freedom and technique. This method allows a truth to narrative  to be sustained but also managing an originality to the adaption process. My work stylistically consists of the interaction between 3d objects and 2d images being melded together using animation to create something quite unique. Although my process’ generate some degree of difficulty with an adaption, they also force creativity of thought, if nothing is easy then it requires though, at the very least my work has been very well considered. But before it all gets too dry I invite you all to sit back, bask in the glow of your screen and enjoy something that is neither this nor that…..


…… alternatively heres that link I promised Cats


Just Enjoy


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